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How to keep kids safe online is something that we all should know

Keep Kids Safe Online

There are several things we need to take in to account when we decide to allow our child a Pc in there bedroom. There being so many bad people out there who want to take advantage of them. The task of looking after them has become daunting for most parents, with all the Social chat rooms about and sites like youtube we have no idea what they are talking about. or doing. We are not spying on our best mate we just want to look after our children. So do not be hesitant just get protected.

There are several ways in which we can block specific websites from reaching the computer screen which our kids are reading from. The good thing is it doesn’t cost a penny either. Unfortunately it does require time and effort which sadly most people lack one or the other.

If you follow this link I will show you how to use your PC hosts file to block a specific webpage. (This is not the easiest way for the casual user to block a webpage.)

Here I will give you a link to a great bit of free software called k9webprotection. This software allows you a lot of control over WebPages your child can see. You can also base it on age group which is a great feature. I myself have installed this software and used it to help protect my child from viewing WebPages that I would not consider appropriate. This is one way of putting an end to the amount of time they spend on sites like youtube which has an awful lot of data you would not like your child to see.

Can you imagine their face when they attempt to watch a video and they are asked for a password to continue. You then have a couple of options you can tell them "NO" or you can set a time period for which they are allowed on the site for example 15 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour and so on.

Stop Your Child Spending All Day On The PC

I was asked if there was any software that would allow a parent to put a time limit on the amount of time a child can spend on a PC. So I searched the net looking for what I consider to be the best free software to do this. I researched for hours downloading and installing lot’s of different software. It would seem they all promise lots and deliver a minimal service. Well after coming to the conclusion that most software that can do this job is not free so there is not much choice. I stumbled upon a site that offers some software called Groundhog, although this site does not give you the option to set daily limits in advance for different days. It does allow a parent to specify a time limit, example of this would be (allow your child 20 minutes on the PC) after 20 minutes it will lock the screen until the password has been entered.

The home page of this site can be found below. all thanks goes to them.


I have started to create a tutorial for this software which can be found here. I have searched the web high and low looking for free software this is by no means a be all and end all of everything. BUT it is the best free software on the net I have come across.

The first job you should do when you have installed the software is put a password on it.


Routers are also great to have especially when our child has a pc in there bedroom. What we can do is set time limits for example stop there PC having internet access after 1900hrs. We can do this for everyday of the week or alter it so that they are allowed an extra 30 minutes accesss at the weekend. The great thing about this is that once its setup you can just leave it alone (forget about it) knowing that after a certain time (of your choice) your child will not be surfing the net.

For all you Windows 7 users you have some built in software that you can use called Parental control to read up on this look here.

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