HTML tips & tricks

HTML Tips & Tricks



This page will hopefully give you a few tips and tricks for your website below
I have listed a few links to get you started. I have included a link to ironspider who have a list of some good free web hosts.
who offer free web hosting.

You need to look out for those that do not have advertising banners. Because there is nothing worse than trying to read a webpage that has other advertising covering the words you are trying to read.


I have also thrown in there a quick tutorial on It will take about 5 minutes to setup an account with them which is very straight forward. The idea of putting this tutorial is because I want you to be able to see a site that will host your website with banners. When you have done that why not go over to "" and create a free account that willl host your site with no banners, which in my opinion looks more proffessional. You will also find an Amaya tutorial to help you create a site, Amaya is a ("WYSIWYG" what you see is what you get) web authoring tool which is a way for you to create a website. (and it is a free host) In my opinion it is good for people starting out. You will also notice there is an HTML link this link will show you a few html tips and tricks to get your site looking good.



Do you need a free Web host

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Here you will find a tutorial

Here you will find a list of Amaya tutorials

Download the Amaya editor from this page

Here you will find a few HTML tips and tricks

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Anyone looking for a bit of javascript to create a countdown timer click here