Powers Of 2

Converting the power of 2


converting the powers of 2 is easy with my downloadable software


Anyone can convert the powers of 2 with my software. It is a very basic application that can convert up to the number of 154. All you need to do is enter the number you want the answer for in the first textbox. Then just press the button which says "Click here for the result"

Your answer will then be displayed in the Total box below.

Click here to download

the power of 2 can be converted using free software

Click here to download the power of 2 software





Countdown Timers For Your Desktop

I am in the process of creating timers, all timers on this page will tell you when the time is up by speeking something to you.

Most of them say "Stop time is up"

The timers look some what digital and vary in colour. You are welcome to request a specific timer if I have not got round to doing it yet by sending me an email by clicking this link you can even request a specific colour I will do this 100% for free. I might need 2 or 3 days to complete this for you as I am quite busy. The timers are quite small in size and unobtrusive.

Here are just a few other bits of software I have created you are welcome to try them out. Most software I create is free