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Windows 7 Downloads


Miles to Kilometers conversion software

                                   World Capitals and their flag world capitals and flags

Maths test for kids maths quiz

examen de matemáticas para niños

                                            1 Minute countdown timer 1 minute timer image

Periodic table learn the periodic table


               Clash Of Clans Shield     clash of clans shield for download                    

  2 Minute countdown timer    2 miinute count down timer     3 Minute countdown timer    3 minute timer  4 Minute countdown timer    4 minute countdown timer

The timers on here are very similar in that they all look digital. The download size is very small and 99% of them count down in seconds. If you would like a timer for a certain countdown and I have not made one let me know. I will do my best to create you one and make it available for download. All the timers I make now have start, stop, and reset buttons. If you come across a timer that has not got these I will be in the process of changing it.