Flags of the world

I created this software so people could see flags of the world. I wanted everyone to be able to download some small software that will give them access to the flag of every country in the world. I find it quite interesting to look at and thought others might to.

flags of the world are inteeresting to look at Flags of different countrys My flaags are built in to my free software flags of the world software designed for you Flag of every country in the world
Flags are aat the fore front of every country in the world This is my favourite flag in the world My flags of every country are a great educational resource for peoplle to learn about different countrys in the world Many different flags have different imaages but it is amazing howw mmaany flags looks very similar


The above is a small example of the different flags in the world today. My software has 194 different country's listed, it will even show you the capital for every country it displays a flag for. I have done my best to make sure you can have all the up to date information. Flags of the world will also show you the average population for every country it displays a flag for. I think you will be amazed at how many people live in some of these country's.

Flags of the world was designed to be as informative as possible which is why it will even tell you the main language spoken in every country of the world. This some might say is obvious if you live in the UK the main language would be English. What if you live in Rwanda, how many of you know what the main language is there!

How many of you know what the main language is in the Solomon Islands? did you know it what English!

South africa has a great lookiing flag Spain has an unusual looking flag I quite like this one sri lanka is in my to ten best looking flags of all time syria has a great looking flag and also gains a place in my flags of the world top ten flags

Flags Of The World

This software will tell you the currency used by every country in the world. Remmember my software caters for 194 different countrys. So you will have access to 194 countrys currencys. How many of you have heard of the 'Tanzanian Shilling' or 'Baht'

There is so much information you can learn from this software it has got to be worth the download and all this information is free. You can download flags of the world for free.

I have created a drop down list on this software that will give you quick access to the capitals of every country to save you scrolling through them if you are in a rush.

Download this software for free by clicking the link below.

Downoad here


flags of the world is an educational tool