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Choose the best site on the internet

Voting will continue until December 31 2013 the winner will get a full page ad on my site by the end of the 1st week in January and it will stay live forever.

How many of you have wanted to know who has got the best site on the net? Well I would also like to know so I have decided to let people suggest there favourite site. Then In January I will see who has the most votes, I think this is a great way for people to see some of the great sites people have created. People do some amazing things to there website or blog and it would be a great way for some of us to pinch :) a few ideas. So click this link to vote for the best site on the net now.


but what could I give the winner?

The Winner

The winner will get a full page advert on my site. Which will stay live pretty much forever.


The Looser

The chance to take part and get a free link

A DS is a great gift for everone so if you have a few quid and you want to make someone happy you now know what to get :)






Vote by clicking this link then just enter your URL and a short sentence saying why you think it is best.











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