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When Buying an advertising spot on my website it will be included in the sidebar of every .php page on my site.

Basic Package

Basic 125 x 125 advert this will be placed on my left side menu I will charge £8 per month. It will be on all php pages of NJS Computing Services that has a left sidebar


All adverts need to be paid using PayPal there is no other option of payment.



What Is A Month

I define a month like this if your advert starts running on the 6th Febuary it will continue to run untill the 6th of March. If your advert does not start running until dinnertime on the 6th of Feb you can expect it to run untill dinnertime on the 6th of March. Your advert will always run over rather than under, I like people that advertise with me to get there money's worth.

Once you have checked out you can email me here I will confirm payment has been made. I will then get in touch with you to let you know when your advert will start running. You will be expected to send me your own image that will fit the advert you have purchased or give me a link to it. Once I have the image and your advert is ready to go live I will email you and let you know all is good to go.


I will not

Allow an advert which is not fit for a child to see,



If there is a tutorial you would like to see on this website please ask here