True Of False Quiz

I offer many services with this product maybe you need a quiz with more questions? Maybe you want your company logo put on the quiz? you can email me for prices. If you are happy with the quiz you may use it freely have fun.

I create quiz software in my spare time this page will tell and show you about the quiz software I create. Below is the opening page for my free 52 question quiz I will show you some of it' features. I will start with the users side of the interface, then we will venture into the Admin's side of things for creating questions and so on.

Once you get past the front page you are taken to te login page. You now have a choice you can either login as an "Admin" or "User" If you are logging in as a user simply type the default uusername and password in. This information can be found in a text file which is inclided in the downloaded file. To login as an admin at this point just click on the button which says "Admin Login Here"

quiz software free of charge

Just so you can follow me I would like you to login as a user. So type in the default username and password and press the button which says "Login" You will now see a message box come up which says " Work hard have fun and believe in yourself, good luck" Just click "OK" to get rid of this message box.

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Now you have logged in you will see your username the window in mine below it says "Welcome petre" You now have 4 choices.

1: "Click here to continue to the test"

I think this is self explanatory like most of these 4 buttons are. If you click on it you will be taken to the test screen.

2: "Logout"

Yes you got it if you click this button you will logout and be taken back to the login screen.

3: "Click here to maximise the screen"

This will make the screen size 'full' it will take up the height and width of your monitor.

4: "Admin Login"

This just takes you to the admin login screen.



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Anyway for now I just want you to just click on the button which says "Click here to continue to the test" When you do you will be taken to the test screen. You can see what this looks like in my screenprint below.

Are you ready to start the test? Of course you are :)

true or false quiz allows the admin to write questions


Now click on the button which says "Start the test" when you do you will see the first question apear in front of you. The timer will also start. Now look at the screenprint below and you will see 2 radio buttons. Look at the question in this example the question is "(2 x 2) = (1 x 4 )" now me being smart I know the answer is "True" you will see you have a choice you can either click true or false so select one of the radio buttonswhen you click "Next" your question will be marked and the next question will appear. You can see you score just to the right of the "Next" button. At the momment mine says "0" :)


answer questions are they rue or false

Ok so lets say I get one or 2 questions right just to show you. Look at my screen print below you can see I have answered a couple of questions and my score is now "2" You can even see what the radio buttons look like when they are checked.


admin writes questiins for quiz with bulit in timer

Now then eventually you will run out of time, you will know this because a message box will pop up telling you like this one. Just click OK to make it go away. You will then see the screen that you was on before.

run out of time message box for the quiz


But there is a difference you can no longer click on the "Next" button it has been disabled. So you now have 2 choices you can either Logout or you can submit your score to the database. As I trust you are not a naugty person you will submit your score to the database by clicking the button which says "Click here to send you score to the database"

the timer in my quiz software can be changed easy, you can create quizzes for children


When you do you will see a message box pop up telling you "Data added" like so. You can just click on the"OK" button to make this go away. Now click the Logout button which will take you back to the "login screen" and allow someone else to login.

data added to the database of the password protected multople choice quiz


You can download this software by clicking this link