Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router Setup With Windows 7

Ok so you have accessed your router and you now know your network name and encryption key because you wrote them down right?

Open up your Windows 7 "Control Panel" and click on " Network and Sharing Center" you should get a very similar screen to the one below.

If you do not know how to open your "Control panel" just click on "Start"then left click on "Control panel"

Pay attention here

You will notice it says " View your active networks" but below it says " You are currently not connected to any networks"


network and sharing center screenprint


So we need to click on "Connect to a network" and when we do we should see another popup window like in the screenprint below.

linksys wireless



You now need to right click on the name of your network and left click Properties, do you remember what it is? you should have this information wrote down like I told you earlier. When you click on it a new window should open called "Wireless network properties" like in the screenprint below. Here you have the chance to edit your windows 7 wireless settings.

So where it says "Encryption type" click on the drop down box and left click on what ever method of encryption you picked earlier. Then type in the Encryption key you wrote down earlier. Where it says "key index", do you remember earlier on when you generated your encryption key and I told you to write down the encryption key for key 1. Well here you need to select key 1 also.

windows 7 linksys router

The next part of this tutorial will be to show you how to change from using a DHCP ip address on your PC to using a static IP. There are lot of people that prefer to use DHCP which is fine, prefer static myself. The next part of this tutorial will also help you make sure your ip address, Broadcast, and Default gateway are correct.

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