Reset firefox remove babylon toolbar

reset firefox


There are many reasons why you may want to reset firefox. I do not intend to create a list why, tis page was created to compliment the removal of babylon toolbar. The babylon toolbar in my humble opinion is a pain in the neck.

Follow these steps to reset firefox which will help get rid of Babylon toolbar.

Steps to take

open Firefox like I have done in the screen print below,

reset firefox to help remove babylon toolbar from your computer


Now click on the help tab and scroll down to Troubleshooting Information and left click on it.


delete babylon toolbar the easyway and just reset firefox


Once you have left clicked on Troubleshooting Information a new tab will open up in Firefox like mine below.

Simply left click on Reset Firefox to default state


set Firefox in 2 minutes to help remove Babylon toolbar from your pc

Once you have clicked on reset firefox you will get a little messagebox pop up like in my screen print below. Now click on Reset Fairefox


default settings for firefox helps remove babylon toolbar from firefox


read the messagebox well you might loose your bookmarks, stored passwords, history, cookies.


I never have :)