Amaya editor is a great WYSIWYG editor

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Amaya editor is a free tool which we can use to create a webpage (WYSIWYG) stands for (what you see is what you get) The idea of Amaya is that a complete novice can decide they want to create a webpage/ website and within 10 minutes be up and running.

I have started to create a tutorial section on this website just for Amaya because I think it's great :) You can access the tutorials from this link here. One of the good points of Amaya is the code view, this enables you to see the code that is being generated when you make changes in design view to your webpage. When you can see the code that is being generated it gives you a chance to learn. When you make your first change to the code it gives you satisfaction. can download Amaya from this link.

Amaya editor support many platforms including Windows Vista, Debian Linux, Ubuntu and my favourite OpenSUSE. So you are not stuck for choice when deciding which platform you want to run it on.



Amaya is not the only choice you have when choosing a tool that will help you create your webpage there are others. As far as free software goes you can not go wrong choosing Amaya. As far as paying for software goes my favourite would be Dreamweaver but that's another story.

Amaya support CSS which is great for the professional and the novice web creator because it is something we all need to learn if you take it serious. CSS stands for cascading style sheet. There is some great software called NVU which you might want to consider trying I wont say no more about that just give it a whirl if you get chance. Another you might consider trying is KompoZer I think it's quite good and worth an hour of your time giving it a test run.

Like most software sometimes it can be difficult starting out which is why I have started to create some tutorials here which will give you a foot up the ladder.

Some of the Amaya editor tutorials on offer are as below:


The list is growing every few days I create a new amaya editor tutorial for you to follow. What ever editor you decide on remember until you have taken the time to try a few do not be tempted to stick to just one.

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If you are looking for a free web host to get you started you could look at for someone starting out it is worth giving them a shot.

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