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server 2008 static ip private lan

So you have a router handing out IP addresses via DHCP but you want your server 2008 to accept only one specific IP address. Lets say I want to assign the IP address of


Click on Start,

Click on Control Panel, this will open the window below. You now need to click on "Network and Sharing Center"

server 2008 static ip address


When you click on Network and Sharing Center it will open the screen print below. You need to look for your connection if you look at my screen print below it says "Local Area Connection 2" (this is my connection) next to that it says "View status" you need to click on "view status"

server 2008 static ip address can be setup following my 2008 tutorial


When you click on "view status" you will see a popup box appear like in the screen print below. You need to click on "Properties"


ip address static in server 2008

When you click on "Properties" you will see another popup box appear like in the screen print below. You need to left click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)" which will highlight it then left click on "Properties"



static ip address can be set in server 2008 with no problem

After clicking on "Properties" another window will open like the one below. In the window that is open you are given the chance to enter the ip address, Subnet mask, and Default gateway that you want. When you have put your details in click on "OK" then click on "Close" and "Close" again to get rid of the remaining open windows. Now would be a good idea to reboot your PC

how to set static ip address in saerver 2008


So you have now given your server a static ip in a private LAN.

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