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internet time control     

internet lock keep an eye on the kid and stop them having access

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internet time lock is what we can use to restrict our childs use of the PC. We don't want to stand there and tell them "come on I said turn it off" well if you install this software the PC screen will automatically lock. Thats it folks that's how we win no more need to watch over there shoulder. We punch in say 30 minutes and when the time is up the screen lock's that's what I call an internet lock. For me the good thing about this is you can specify they are not allowed on the PC more than let's say 30 minutes everyday. What Grounhog does is it resets the amount of time you have specified they can be on the computer at 12am every day. So imagine they go on there pc after school at 1600hrs at 1630hrs the screen will lock and there time is up. Then at midnight there time allowance get's reset. It's a great idea, if you have 2 children in the house there will be no fighting of who's turn it is on the PC. Because when there allowance is up it's up.

So you people are wandering what's the catch the good news is I try and base this site on providing help and this software is free. I have spent hours and hours surfing the net for free software that does this kind of thing. Most sites promise the world and can not even deliver the free software they say they do. You people get the benefit of the fact that I have nothing to do with this software. I am the same as you, someone who is looking at more ways of keeping control of how much time my children spend on the net :)

So where do I install this software from? you can click this link which will take you to the site. Once you have downloaded it come back here and learn how it works.

Take a look at the image below to see what it looks like, this will be the first image you see after install. Now you have looked at it let's learn how to use it. :)

 limit use of the internet

The second image you will see looks like the one below so click "continue" like it tells you to.

child time control which restricts access to the pc





A new window will open like the one below. Your first job is to create a master password remember when choosing a password to read my article here. Once you have typed your password in click on apply. (iF YOU DO NOT READ MY ARTICLE JUST MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD CAN NOT GUESS THE PASSWORD)

parental net child lock for the computer


Now let's setup an account for our made up child for this tutorial our child will be called "marcus" if you look at the configuration window you will notice there are 4 tabs click on the one that says "Main" you will notice from the window below you can see a "time zone" drop down box it is important that you select your country. Because remember what I said earlier about it resetting it's self at 12:oo am if you choose the wrong time zone this software will not work as it should.

child net protection


Now click on the next tab that says "Kids Setup" you will see the same window as mine below. Click on the tab that says "Add New Child"

net lock helps reduce the amount of time your lodger can spend on the net

When you click on "Add New Child" a new window will open like the one below. Here you can put in your childs name and give them a password. It is here you will also specify how much time your child is allowed to spend on the net.


In the example below I have filled in some details just to show you, as you can see I have created the name "Marcus" gave Marcus the password "password" and limited him to 30 minutes a day. When you have finished click on "OK"


When you click "OK" that window will close and you will be taken back to the configuration window. Now click "Apply" and the configuration window will close.

net lock for children on the net

You will notice the Groundhog icon in the taskbar, left click on it to open the window like I have done below.

internetlock restricts your childrens internet use

If you have more than 1 child you would follow the same precedure for adding there name to Groundhogs list of users. So where it says "Child" click on the dropdown menue to choose the name of whom ever is going on the net in my exaple I chose "Marcus" so Marcus would then need to enter his passord. When he enters his password his time limit begins. But we all know what kids are like, if they want the loo or to get a drink they might rather go without if it means loosing time on the surfing net (now we don't want that do we) so what they can do is simply click on the "Disconnect" tab this will stop there time on the PC running out.

There will be more to this tutorial later on but I hope I have given you enough information to get you started. It is quite important to me and many other parents out there that we have some form of internet lock. This is just another way of regulating how we control our children.

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