How much traffic does a website get

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How much traffic does a website get ?


There are times when we all want to know how much traffic a website is getting. I myself like to know how much traffic a certain website is getting because it gives me something to aim for.

The best tool I think for finding out how much traffic a competitor is getting is Statbrain you simply enter the URL of your competitors website and hit "Check" There can be quite a delay so it is not the fastest tool in the world but it is certainly useful.

The longest time I have had to stay connected to statbrain is about 30 minutes but make no mistake I have heard of people being connected for 1 hour and thirty minutes

There are other tools for checking out this kind of information sites like I did not like this site though as I thought it contradicted other methods I have used to get this information. But hey each to his own :)

ohh and before I forget for all those people that have thought about alexa ranking. I thought I would just mention this, let us just say you have just created a webpage and put it up on the net. You decide to use a server like Godaddy which in my opinion are good. Your alexa ranking would start off in the millions, but if you used a free server someone like x10 hosting your rating might start off something like 66,995 asked yourself why?

Asked yourself who is that ranking for you can't put a new site up that has never had any hits and start off with a ranking of 66,000. So if you do have a site which has free hostisng remember the ranking shown in alexa is for the people that host your site. If you click on the ranking at the top it will show you there ranking for there server not your site.




I am sure that if you want to check results for your own site you can not go far wrong with signing up to Google so you can use Analytics. Google pretty much has the market as far as I am concerned, but I am a big fan of them.

While we are on the subject of websites I would like to tell you alll about my new web directory I have created. If you take the time to signup about 2 minutes maximum you will not only get a free 1 way link to your site. But an image of your site will automatically be uploaded and you get the chance to write a description of your site as well. This can only help drive traffic to your site.

I do not want anything in return it is my way of giving every webmaster the opportunity to have a free link. I decided to do this because when I was looking at advertising my own site I clicked on loads of sites which said free one way link and when I got halfway through the signup process it said I needed to leave a reciprocal link which is not really what I wanted. Can you imagine if I had to leave a reciprocal link for every web directory I signed up for my site would just be full of other peoples adverts. Anyway I said stuff that and created my own, so sign up get yourself a free link and crack on to the next one :)