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Have you ever wanted to know how much your website is worth

How Much ?

That there are loads of websites out there there that want to tell you how much a particular website is worth. In my opinion most are not worth the effort it took to write them. As a webmaster we all want our website to be worth loads of money and one day sell it for our retirement fund :) how much would you sell your website for? enough to retire on I bet.

I will show you some sites that attempt to tell you how much your website is worth. I am not trying to go out of my way and knock these sites but it goes with the territory that if you write something someone will judge it.

Here we go

Site one

This is my first look, this one tells me my site is worth $40.000 plus dollars well I thought I wont knock it yet untill I have compared it to some others.

Site Two

The next site I visited was well it would seem the value of my site dropped by $38.000 dollars, lol. Who are these people kidding there is a $38.000 price tag difference here. Someone has got it wrong but the questiion is who.

Site Three

So I moved on to the next site estimator this site told me my website was worth even less I have dropped another $1000 dollars. You can imagine if I believed these sites I would now be heart broken. My site started at $40.000 dollars and I have dropped about $39.000 dollars. Lucky for me we are only on the 3rd site to check my website worth. I am hopping to have a bit of luck soon just to give me a bit of a boost you can imagine Im now bordering depression. :)

Site Four

Here we go again im now looking at the first problem with this site is I was hoping to check how much my site is worth. That's what they advertise. But But But it would seem I need to know how many hits the site takes on a daily basis and I need to enter how much revenue the site makes. Well if I am looking at buying a site I might not have this information at hand. So I said stuff this one not worth the hassle. This is why I did not give them a hyperlink.


I have heard people say that your site is worth about 6 - 8 times the monthly income it makes. That figure is based on a young site not one that has been established for some time.


My Verdict

Well we can safely say I do not care for much of any of the above results. Your site is worth what ever someone is prepared to pay for it. And just for the record my site is worth about £100.000 hmmm your wandering how did he come by that. well I came by that because number 1 it is not for sale and number 2 it is how I escape from life. It is my hobby and my friend, you can not put a price on that. We all need a way to escape from the grindstone of life, I escape by tuning in to my site.

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