How to make music play on your website, embed my code in your page

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how do I embed music in to a webpage so it plays automatically

embed music in to html so your visitors can here your tunes, give them a choice

I need my web page to play background music (.wav) or whatever, but i can't use java, the page needs to work in simple browsers the sound should be a background one, so you don't see a player

For the 2 options below you will need to use the code view.

The easiest way I know to have music play when a webpage opens is to embed it so go to the code and enter the below line. The code I am showing you below does not give them a choice of listening to it. All they can do is lower there volume down if they do not want to hear it

<embed src="the name of your music song or tune here"> <noembed> <bgsound src="yourmusic.mid"> </noembed>

The problem with the code above is that some people will find that annoying. When we are surfing the net it might be that all we want is the information like I am giving you now. How would you feel if when you came to my site I made you listen to a song I was singing. Now that would cause you some frustration :)


What we could do is give the people who visit our site the option of listening to our music. So if you enter the code below they will have to click play. I find this option better.

The code below gives them the choice of listening to it
<a href="the name of your music song or tune here">Click here to play music </a>

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Now if your thinking about putting music on your site make sure you do not break any copyright laws for your country. There are plenty of free music which you can have on your website. Simply use Google to search for it so open up Google and type in something like free music for my website.


If you are just starting out at creating your own website then you could download some free software called Amaya. You can find some tutorials for Amaya by using Google just type in something like amaya tutorials like in the link below. You might even find some of my own tutorials there :)

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