BIZ.LY Tutorial

This is a BIZ.LY tutorial

So you have all decided to go along and use BIZ.LY as your free server. In my opinion this free web server like all the others has it good and bad points.

The bad for me would be it does not support ftp which is really handy when working with dreamweaver like I do.

I will say the downtime has been nothing absolute zero since I started with them,

and the user interface is very friendly.

In fact its so easy to use I'm writing a tutorial just to get you started :)

So lets not waste any more time I am assuming you have already created an account from the link I provided. So just follow the steps below.

So you have logged in to your account and you can see 4 tabs in front you labelled like

Main Menu...........My Website.........My Email..........My Domains.........


The "Main Menu" should already be highlighted which means you can now see a list of folders like in the screenprint below.


This is screenprint1



You need to click on the folder icon labelled File Manger which will change your window and this is where you will see a list of files you have created for your site (This is where they will be when you have uploaded them).

If you look at my next screenprint you will see an old image of mine from when I started doing this site,

This is screenprint2


The chances are you will see a default file there called main.htm or main.html you might as well delete this file now if you are going to follow this tutorial for the next 10 minutes if not leave it alone as a temporary default page.

Now I will assume you have created your first web page if not learn how to use Amaya my Amaya tutorial will show you how to create your first basic web page :) once you have done that continue reading this tutorial.

You will notice in the screenprint above the page is separated in to 2 parts. On the left there is a title called Folder in Bold letters like this "Folder" You will notice you already have a folder there with a line next to it like this /

This is your root folder when your website grows you will create more folders and you will want to know how folder hierachy works where by your root folder opens up to produce more folders within it, but that will be a separate tutorial for another day.

On the right side of the page there is a list of files currently in your root folder this is where you will notice the main.htm or main.html file.

The first thing we will do is delete this file, you will notice next to the default file there is a check box which is just a little square that you can click on and it will place a tick in the box...........try it now .................. then click it again and uncheck it...............are you happy with that :)

ok now I want you to place a tick in the checkbox of the file called main.html or main.htm. If you look across the top of the window just below the 4 tabs we mentioned earlier you will notice there are 7 tabs like this.


New File....New Folder....Upload....Rename....Delete....Move....Copy....

Now click on delete and you will get a pop up window appear saying "Are you sure you would like to delete the following files? main.html

You will be prompted to either press OK or Cancel you must press OK. (The file has now been deleted)

Learn how to Upload a file.

Click on the "Upload" tab and you will get a pop up box which will say "How may files would you like to upload ?" (You can type in what ever number you like but as we are only uploading 1 file I want you to type "1" in to the box and click "OK" when you click "OK" the pop up box will go and you will see from my screenprint below you will be given the option to click on the Browse button.


This is screenprint3

I want you to click on Browse and you will be given the option to search your pc for a file to upload.I want you to search for the file you created in the Amaya tutorial

Then click "upload" and your done.

You have now uploaded a default page to your website.

Now make sure you have clicked on the "Main Menu" tab and just to the right of that there is a link to your website it says "View site" click on it and it will take you to your website. :)


More to come to this tutorial later :)