Best Websites Ever To Hit The Net

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The best websites on the net are ?

We all want the same thing when we own a website or blog. We want it to be the best damm thing to hit the net is that right?

You bet it is, well let's take a look at a few. To make it on my list the site needs to look good. It also needs to offer me something after all I do not want to just see a great design. I also need a reason to stay on the site.

What I was torn between in deciding what would be my top 10 is should I go for design before content. Or should it be the other way around?

What else do people take in to account whe best deciding what the best websites on the net are. Well im sure if you ask a 30 something man who has settled down what his interests are they will not be the same as a 30 something man who is single and still gets drunk most nights.

Anyway I am going to mix up a selection of my best that I find interesting so see what you think.

Site One

For starters people who like history and gadgets with a bit of interesting stuff look at the site below. It is based on Japanese gadgets.

Site Two

My next hit is a video who would of thought a Python could take on an Aligator and intimidate it. Well this one does can you imagine 2000 pounds of Aligator bite and the Python still kicks ass.

Site Three

I found the pictures in the links below interesting about this chap who is 7ft 8 inches tall he is massive check them out. They show a picture of him next to the man who makes his shoes :) I reckon one of his shoes would serve like a cot for a baby. :)

In the picture below he certainly has pulling power :)

If you go here you can scroll down the list to find more pictures of him.

Site Four

Well I had to put this link here because I think we should all take a look at our own backyard how ever many years ago. So if you get the chance install Google earth and take a look at your own house. It might even be possible for you to peek through your own window and see what you were doing back then :)


Site Five

How about learning a little maths, I don't know how good you are but my kids come home with maths homework and sometimes I feel like hiding my head in the sand. So squat up at the link below.

Well that was my topish 5 :)I will get around to making it a top 10 when I get chance. I created this page June 2012

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